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Monday, 16 July 2018
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Dear Parents,

We are writing to you with a significant concern about what the children are bringing into nursery in pockets and bags.

Small items like money, beads and whole grapes are a potentially fatal choking hazard. We have risk assessments in place for all activities and equipment we put out for the children. This ensures we provide opportunities for children to explore and learn within safe parameters.

This becomes a much more challenging task when children are bringing additional items into the nursery. Last week a child brought nuts in in their pockets, which could have been potentially fatal to a child in the nursery. On a previous week a child brought coins into the nursery in their pockets, which if picked up by a baby or toddler could have again been potentially fatal if put into their mouths.

Please can we ask that you are exceeding vigilant to items that might be being stored in children’s pockets or bags to promote the safety of all children.

Please do not hesitate to talk to me should you have any questions about this.

Kind regards

Natalie Cummins

Deputy Manager

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