March Update

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Wednesday, 17 July 2019
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March Update

World book day

As you may be aware, from the sign on the nursery door, on Thursday 7th March wewill be celebrating World Book Day.

Children who attend on a Thursday are invited to join in the fun by dressing as their favourite storybook character and bringing in their favourite book from home to share with the group.

There will be lots of fun story related activities for the children to participate in on the day. The day was a great success last year and despite the snow, everyone put a great effort into their outfits, so let’s see if you can top them this year!

Absences from nursery

May we kindly request that parents keep us informed of any absences their child may have from nursery.  It is part of our ‘duty of care’ that we closely monitor children’s absence levels in order that we can promptly highlight any cause for concern.  I would therefore be grateful if you could let us know of any periods when your child will be absent either by e mail or by giving us a quick call at the nursery. We thank you for your support with this.  


We would like to advise you of a new screening tool called ‘Wellcomm’ which we have recently started to use within the nursery to further to support your children’s communication and language development.   

With 1 in 10 children under 5 years of age experiencing some degree of difficulty in communication and language, early identification is crucial to ensuring the right support is in place to enable any needs identified to be met.  The Wellcomm tool not only helps us to identify any areas where your child may need some additional support, but also provides a wealth of simple fun activities to support your child’s communication and language development, both in the nursery and at home. 

The screening part of the tool, is carried out on all children from 6 months – 5 years and takes around 5-10 minutes.  Depending on your child’s age, this involves their keyworker carrying out a simple ‘tick list’ either from their observations of your child, information from yourselves or through some simple activities which assess their level of understanding.  From the screening, we can get a picture of any areas where your child may benefit from some additional support and target our activities accordingly to act on these. 

Your insights as parents are key to this process and we may therefore be asking you for your input and may possibly even require some assistance with delivering the screening if your child’s first language is not English.  Although the screening is intended to assess your child’s communication and Language in English, it is important that we establish whether any delay which may be identified is simply due to your child beginning to learn English, or whether they may also have difficulties communicating in their home language.

Should this process highlight any areas where we feel your child may benefit from some early intervention from a Speech and Language service, we will discuss this with you directly and can support you with referrals for this or advise you where to seek further information/advice.    

Baby room pick up and drop off

Can we please remind parents of children in the baby room that it is their responsibility to collect their child’s belongings at the end of their session. It has come to our attention that some parents are waiting outside the door for staff to bring their child to them and will then ask for dummies, bottles, daily diaries to be collected by the staff in the room and handed to them. While these may seem minor requests to a parent, staff focus at all times needs to remain on caring for the children in the group.  With this in mind we do ask that parents come into the room to collect their child (either removing outdoors shoes or wearing shoe covers) and that each parent collects their own child’s diary and belongings from their wall pocket and/or the fridge.  

Staff are still responsible for caring for and carrying out activities with the children until they are collected and therefore they must remain aware of the children at all times, even whilst giving feedback to parents.  We appreciate that end of their session, feedback is important both to parents and the keyworker to ensure messages are passed on.  We do however, ask that you refer to your child’s diary for general information regarding sleep times/meals/bottle feeds etc, leaving staff available to give more specific feedback whilst still supervising the children who are yet to be collected.   Feedback at this time is only intended as a brief handover therefore discussions regarding specific progress need to be arranged during planned parent meetings.  Should you have any specific concerns about your child, these should be highlighted with the Nursery Manager in order that a meeting can be arranged where appropriate.   Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Standing orders

Please can we remind all parents that as per their contract with the nursery, fees are payable monthly, by standing order to pay for the full month ahead. These are due on 2nd of each month.  Unfortunately, we are still finding some families have not set up a standing order and will manually make the payment each month. This means that if they are away on holiday or have simply forgotten where we are in the month, fees are being received after this date.  In addition, we also have a number of families whose regular standing orders payments appear to have been set up for the wrong date, again resulting in their fees being received late.  Can I therefore ask that all parents check their accounts (including any childcare voucher schemes/tax free childcare payments) to ensure they have set up their payments come out on 2nd of each month.  As you will be aware from previous newsletters, there is a penalty charge imposed for late/incorrect fee payments which will be applied in cases where this issue is not resolved. 

Lost property

A beige knitted dog with multicoloured spots and striped collar has been handed into the nursery office. We have been looking after him, however are sure his owner will be missing him!!! If he belongs to you, please let us know so he can find his way back to his real home.

Nursery Vision

As you may be aware, each year we seek the views of all parties involved with the nursery to create our annual ‘vision’.  In doing so, we pull together suggestions from staff, parents and even the children to identify any areas they would like to see developed in the nursery over the coming year. In line with this, we will shortly be sending out our annual parents’ questionnaire to gain your views.  We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes of your time to complete and return this to the nursery so we can consider your ideas for future developments.  

2 year checks

As many of you will be aware, shortly after your child turns 2 they will be invited by their Health Visitor to attend a ‘Two year review’.  The aim of this appointment is to check your child’s overall health and development and identify any areas where they may require support.  As they will only spend a short time with you and your child, your Health Visitor will rely on information from yourselves as parents, along with any insights we can provide as your child’s nursery setting.  We would therefore ask that you let us know as soon as you have received your invitation to this appointment, in order that we can ensure your child’s ‘2 year check’ report is ready for you to take along with you.


We are aware that as summer approaches, many of you will be leaving us either through postings to new locations or with your children heading off to ‘big school’.  As we currently have a long waiting list at the nursery, we are trying to ‘forward plan’ to give those families waiting for places as clear an indication as possible as to when this may be available.  With this in mind, if you already know you are due to be leaving us over the summer, we would be very grateful if you are able to give us an idea of when your last day may be.  As you are aware, we only require you to give us 4 weeks’ notice to terminate your place however, if you are able to advise us with more notice than this or can even give us an idea of the month you may leave, it would greatly help us with our planning.  Thank you in advance.


I am aware some parents had unfortunately missed our photo day before Christmas due to holidays or illness and had requested that we put on another date in the New Year. I am therefore pleased to advise you that we have booked Ria Brennan from Roses and Poses photography to come along for a second photo session on Wednesday 22nd May.  The session will take place in the morning and Ria will take photographs of all children who attend on that day.  There is no obligation to buy any photographs.  Around a week after they are taken, you will be sent a proof sheet with a range of poses on for you to decide whether or not you wish to place an order.  Should you prefer that your child does not have their photograph taken, please let us know.  If your child does not attend on Wednesday morning, or you wish to bring in a sibling to have their photograph taken please feel free to bring them in between 9.30 a.m. - 11.30a.m. and we will be happy to arrange for their photo to be taken too.  As this is still a few months away, we will ensure we remind you of the date closer to the time.


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