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Tuesday, 21 May 2019
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Dear parents

I am writing with some dates for your diary and information on changes happening at the nursery.


We have a nursery photographer coming for the morning on the 16th October 2018. All children who attend that morning will have their photo taken as part of the routine through the morning. Should you wish for a child who doesn’t attend on a Tuesday morning to have their photo taken please speak to myself or Eileen and we will get you booked in too. The photographer has put some preferential packages together for the nursery families. You are however under no obligation to buy the photographs.

The photographer is also going to offer a Saturday family portrait session at the nursery on 24th November 2018. This is where you can book a half hour slot and have some family shots taken. Different packages will be available to purchase for these sessions. There will be a cost of £10 per family for these sessions, which will be donated in full to the nursery for new toys and books. The photos are guaranteed to be ready for Christmas so could be fantastic presents for friends and family. Should you be interested in this, please speak to myself of Eileen.


On the Tuesday 20th November 2018 we will be holding a parents evening. Key people will let you know the appointment slots a couple of weeks before. Parents evening takes place between 6.00pm and 7.30pm. It is for parents only. Childcare cannot be offered, and we ask that you don’t bring children with you. It is a rare opportunity for you to talk to key people about your child’s development without the children around you. If your child is new to the nursery or is 2 years old and hasn’t yet had a 2 year check then we will be in touch to organise this meeting for a different date and time. 1st Reports and 2 year checks will not take place on parents evening. Any questions please speak to key people or a member of the management team.


Please can I take the opportunity to remind parents about ensuring the arrow on the front door lock is returned to the upward position before you leave the building. If it is not facing upwards it does not always completely catch closed. Although there is always a member of the management team around overseeing parents arriving and leaving the nursery it is prudent to minimise risks as far as possible. Please could I ask that you make all regular collectors of your children aware of this too. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.


It is with sadness I let you know that Katie Lander has decided not to return to her full time role in the nursery. She will however remain on the casual bank of staff so we will fortunately still see her around the nursery. We continue to advertise to recruit to the vacant posts. Recruitment is a huge challenge nationally for nursery management. We are fortunate to have many posts out of the adult to child minimum ratios within our structure across the company. We will utilise these experienced and skilled staff in the interim. It is essential for us to ensure we recruit the right staff, of the highest quality, to work with your children. Please do not hesitate to speak to me if you have any questions.


We are coming to the time of the year where all the colds, coughs and bugs start creeping in.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to remind you of our policies when children are unwell or require medications.

Children will, and need to be, exposed to common colds and viruses. It is how their immunity is built. Bringing any groups of people together, especially children, will increase the potential exposure to germs and viruses.

As a general rule with colds and coughs, as long as your child is able to cope with the nursery day they are welcome to attend. Please do however bear in mind that the nursery is a hub of activity and has lots of excited atmospheric noise! With a head cold, this can sometimes be very difficult to cope with. We do understand that sometimes when children have a cold you, as their parents may feel you wish to give them calpol. If you have ever given your child any medication, please do let staff know in the morning. It ensures we are fully informed and therefore able to make decisions in the best interests of your child, throughout the day.

Should your child require calpol to manage a temperature, then they must not come to the nursery. Should your child develop a temperature whilst at the nursery, you will be called to collect them. We use the old-fashioned methods of cooling by removing outer layers and tepid sponging. The temperature will be monitored every 10 minutes and a member of staff with a first aid qualification will sit with your child. We will administer calpol, with the previously sought consent, should we be concerned about their well-being at any time.

When anti biotics are prescribed children must stay at home for the first 48 hours. After this period of time the nursery will support you to continue with the course, as long as your child is well enough to attend.

With this season comes the winter vomiting bugs. These will spread within communities very quickly. When any child or staff member has vomited, or had diarrhoea a 48-hour exclusion from the nursery is applied. They must have 48 hours clear from symptoms before they return to ensure we minimise the spread to others. Whilst we appreciate this can be difficult to manage with home or work commitments it does in the long run minimise the amount of times we have these bugs in the nursery.

Occasionally there are very mild vomiting bugs which will often just see someone have one episode and then feel ok ish afterwards. These bugs are very hard to eradicate within the nursery setting particular if children do not always have the 48 hours away. Please can we ask that you support us to minimise the risk to others catching these bugs, knowing that this procedure will in the long run minimise the impact on your child by keeping them at home for the specifically required time.

We work trustingly with our families and ask that you keep us fully updated about the symptoms your child has. We often have children attending that have various medical conditions and needs that can be significant to their well-being, if there are particular types of illnesses in the nursery.

It is really useful for us keeping an overview across the nursery if you can let us know either by email or calling if your child is away from the nursery unwell.

As always please do not hesitate to speak to one of the Managers in either nursery if you have any questions.


Please can we ask you ensure to adhere to your contracted hours. Children must be collected by the end of their session and not brought earlier than their session starts. Thank you in advance of your cooperation.


Now all of the children are in and settling well, we have a clearer picture of this years cohort we have attending. The age range of the children in each group varies from year to year. This year we have a Ladybird room with extremes of ages between the children. As the nursery is now full it will mean there will be a small group of current Ladybird children who will turn 3 years old before there is space to move downstairs. Circumstances like this are one of the reasons, we as a setting, have individual learning and development plans for each child. These ensure that each child’s development is progressed at their pace no matter where they are located in the nursery. We do however know that the developing needs of these children will require differentiated delivery of focused activities as a group. It is for this reason we are creating a new group within the Ladybird room. The Ladybird children who turn 3 years old between May 2019 and August 2019 will become a Caterpillar group. The routine for the Caterpillar children will change slightly and will develop as the year goes by, in tandum with the children’s needs. These children will keep their current key people.

One of the first changes to routine you will notice, is the introduction of a garden session between 8.30am – 9.30am. This session will be a joint session with the Green Butterfly children. Parents of the children who will become the Caterpillar group will be spoken to individually about this change. There are some smaller changes to the routine times for all of the children; however these will be barely noticeable to the children. Please be assured every decision made in the nursery has the best interests of the children’s wellbeing and progression at the heart. We are excited about these changes to enhance the opportunities offered to the children. We will assess the cohort of children again in 2019 and may decide not to continue with the Caterpillar group. As always please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the management team with regards this.


To support you planning time off work to attend, below are the dates of events for Christmas.

Our Christmas Sing a Long will be held on two dates this year. One will be indoors during a morning session and one outdoors in the afternoon in our front garden.

The indoor session can only have a limited numbers of parents attend, so we ask that only one parent per family comes. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis. The outdoor session is open to all. Feel free to bring grandparents and siblings to join in our festive singing.

Indoor Christmas Sing a Long - Tuesday 18th December 10.30am – 11.00am

Outdoor Christmas Sing a Long - Wednesday 19th December 4.45pm-5.15pm

Please remember that these are not West End performances and your children will likely show a little stage fright when they see you! However they do create memories to be treasured, so if you are able to attend, please do.

The outdoor event is weather dependant so if it is raining it will need to be cancelled.

Best wishes




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