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Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Dear parents

I am writing to share with you some exciting developments for the nursery and opportunities for staff.

Thank you firstly, to all families that attended the teddy bears picnic last Friday, in celebration of the 25th year of 4 Street Nursery. We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. I am sure you will join me in thanking all the staff for their hard work making the event the success it was. I have placed the banner in the foyer and would love to see a few more messages from families on it, particularly those who may have been unable to attend. I will pass it onto Helen for her to keep in a couple of weeks.

As you will all be aware the governments universal 15-hour and extended 15-hour childcare offer launches next week. We are already seeing a slight change in the demand for nursery places with the local schools offering parents 30 hours childcare in Nursery Class. Giving parents various options and more choice in the childcare they can access, can only positive. Being 25 years in business, with one good and two outstanding judgements from OFSTED, you won’t be surprised that the nursery continues to have a lengthy waiting list for places. Many of you attending probably experiencing this at some point. Looking at business projections and the impact of children sometimes entering school at an earlier age than before, we are making some changes to how we use the space in the nursery.

The ladybirds will continue to have use of the 3 rooms on the first floor of the building. The cohort of children attending the Ladybirds, will be likely to be under two years old.  There will be adaptations to the rooms and the equipment in the rooms, to reflect the change in ages of the children; more floor activities, cosy areas, heuristic and treasure basket play. The current

Green Butterfly room will become a room for children aged around and over two years old. As with the Ladybird room there will be changes made to the environment to ensure it best meets the needs of the children. This room will not operate a free flow system as it does currently with the Yellow Butterfly room. Free flow would at this young age not be conducive to the developmental progression of the children. This may at a point in the future change, however not until it supports the best outcomes for the children.

The oldest group of children in the nursery, will be in the Yellow Butterfly room, who will have the constant free flow access. The Green Butterfly children will have a scheduled time in the routine, that they take advantage of the learning opportunities on offer in the free flow area and the front garden.

This change will enable us to ensure the business continues to thrive and that we can support as many families on the waiting list with places.  Whilst this change will develop over a period of a few weeks and has been planned meticulously, I will be asking for support and patience from families whilst we make this transition. All best laid plans need some adjustment mid move and we have an acceptance that this will be the case with this change.  We will begin to talk to the children in the next week or so when we have some confirmed dates for some of the orders we have placed for equipment.

With these environmental changes will come some staff changes. The summer is often a time when staff reflect on other opportunities that maybe available to them, within and outside of our company. It is with sadness, but excitement for the opportunities for her, that we inform you Cheryl will be leaving, to take up another position in Chiswick. As Cheryl has annual leave booked her last working day at the nursery will be 8th September 2017.

With the summer being the time the greatest number of children leave the nursery, it is also a time when as a company we look at the professional development of our own staff, as well as the skill base across both of our settings. It is as part of this review a decision has been taken, in consultation with Sam McLellan, to transfer her to our Northwood Nursery. Sam has worked at 4 Street Nursery for almost 10 years and has been our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator for a vast majority of this time. She has built, with the team, a strong skill base and support network for many children and their wider family with regards to specific special educational needs and disabilities. She will be taking on a new challenge, bringing these skills and knowledge to our Northwood Nursery team. We wish Sam every success in her role within a new team and send her off with immense heartfelt thanks for all the positive impact she has had within the 4 Street team and with the families attending over her 10 years. Sam will begin at Northwood on the 11th September 2017.

Mel will continue as the Senior Early Years Practitioner of the Ladybird room, supported bySusan, Camilla, Elaine and ClairePhil will continue as the Senior Early Years Practitioner for the Butterfly teams. He will be working specifically within the Yellow Butterfly room, supported by Katie and Sophie. He will also supervise the Green butterfly delivery, supported by Emma, Becca, Leah and Nur. Azmina will support both rooms as necessary.   As a management team myself, Eileen, Nicola and Dominique will continue to support in all the rooms, as necessary, to ensure the strongest continuity of care and best outcomes for the children.

I would respectfully ask that you bear with us for the next week while we finalise the children that will be moving rooms and any changes to keyworkers that maybe necessary.

We are all very excited about the changes and opportunities that are on the horizon, however any period of transition creates some feelings of turbulence and unease, probably more specifically for us as adults, than for our children! If you have any specific questions or concerns, as always, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the management team.

As I have discussed with many of you, how childcare looks in England is going through a massive period of change. We are, as always, ensuring we stay one step ahead. We continue to be grateful for your continuing trust and support of us as your chosen childcare provider.

Lastly, I would like to say a final goodbye and good luck to those families moving onto pastures new. Each and every one of you has a place in the heart of 4 Street Nursery and we would love to hear how you are all doing over the next couple of months. We delight in receiving news on how the transition to school has gone and seeing pictures, particularly of the first day at school. Drop us an email if you are not easily able to pop by. Thank you to those parents who have taken the time to complete our feedback form. We really do value the comments you make; those that help us develop further, as well as those that recognise the part we have played in your child’s life.  Please could I ask again, that those that are happy too, place your thoughts on google reviews too. We haven’t had any new reviews for a little while now, so would be extremely grateful for your support.

Best wishes

Elaine Caffary

Nursery Manager

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