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Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Dear Parents,

We are making a slight alteration to the end of day routine. To better support our youngest children at this point of the day, we will now not be bringing the children downstairs until 5.45pm where they will then be offered snack.  Please be advised that snack will no longer be at 5.30pm for all children.

Please can I request the support of parents to ensure the staff are able to leave the nursery, to get home to their own commitments in a timely manner. This will be greatly supported by parents arriving for the end of their session on time. I am sure you will join me, in my appreciation of the staff, who work exceedingly hard between the operational hours of 8.00am and 6.00pm. At 6.00pm the staff have end of day health and safety checks and responsibilities for setting up the planned activities for your children the following day. Delays in undertaking these tasks can mean they leave work late, which impacts on their home lives. I thank you in advance of your support and as always please do not hesitate to come and discuss this or any other matter with a member of the management team.  

I would also like to take the opportunity to remind parents who have children leaving the nursery, that we contractually require 4 weeks written notice of you leaving. We are working hard support families on the waiting list with an idea of when sessions may become available. If you know when your child will be leaving and can give us more than 4 weeks’ notice we would be very grateful. The transition work is well underway now with the children leaving. Please do remember to take their All About Me files to their school visits. Many parents are talking to us about their children seeming a little unsettled at the moment. This is very normal at this time of the year. The dynamics of the nursery begin to change as children move through the nursery, children leave and others join us. Please do not hesitate to talk to us if you have any specific concerns.

The 30 hour workshop dates are Thursday 29th June 6.30pm at 4 Street Nursery or Monday 3rd July 6.30pm at Northwood Nursery. If you are interested in knowing more information please do try to come to either meeting. We do need to be trying to deliver the information to as many parents as possible at one time. Many parents have asked to have this workshop, so your support with attendance will be fantastic.

I would lastly like to wish you all fantastic summer building many more happy memories with your families.

Best wishes

Elaine Caffary

Nursery Manager

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